As the Knoxville areas leader in network technology PC Assistance of Knoxville knows as the amount of data that businesses need to process increases, best use of bandwidth becomes critical and network optimization becomes essential.

Every business needs to make sure that every aspect of its physical network is performing as efficiently as possible. The answer to your data problems is not always “get me more bandwidth”; you could have a pipe as wide as the Tennessee River but if your office or home computer network is not working at maximum efficiency then you will not be making the most of the bandwidth you have now. In fact, very few people are using their full bandwidth efficiently.

Every computer, every network card, all of your cabling and software need to be as efficient as possible. PC Assistance of Knoxville will use their years of experience with computer network optimization and partnerships with key industry vendors to transform your network into the fastest possible, most efficient system you can get.

PC Assistance of Knoxville will perform an in-depth assessment of each of the components of your network before producing a comprehensive end-to-end assessment of your current level of network optimization. They will follow-up this assessment with specific recommendations and actions that will improve the efficiency of your computer network.

PC Assistance of Knoxville has extensive experience with computer network optimization and the expertise, contacts and equipment to ensure that your organization approaches the future with confidence in its IT systems and overall computer network optimization.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Wireless Router Setup & Security
  • Large Home Wireless Setup
  • Business Services
  • VPN’s
  • Router & Firewall Applications
  • Disaster Planning & Recovery
  • Network Security
  • Voice & Data Cabling
  • VOIP Telephone Systems
  • Outdoor Wireless